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Femometer Smart Ring 2.0, Size 6

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Unique Benefits

✓ Purchase with Confidence

  • No subscription fee
  • 1-year quality warranty. 30-day free return if not satisfied
  • High accuracy, 24/7 wearable, up to 35-day battery life with portable charging case
  • Durable and waterproof

✓ Precise Tracking of Key Health Data

  • Heart rate (HR), heart rate variability (HRV), respiratory rate, basal body temperature (BBT)

✓ Conceive Quicker & Naturally

  • Boost fertility by identifying peak fertile days
  • Track BBT in real time *...

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A Smart Ring That Really Understands Women’s Health

• Reproductive Health - Track BBT and monitor natural cycle, fertility, and pregnancy.
• Heart Health & Wellness - Track heart rate, HRV, and respiratory rate.
• Sleep & Rest - Ensure good rest for energy throughout the day.
• Activity & Fitness - Exercise for better health and longevity.

Third Party Tested

  • Reddot winner design 2024 m
  • Reddot winner design 2024 m

Designed for a Seamless Fit into Your Daily Life, With No Burdens

High Accuracy

With multiple sensors inside and algorithms refined over 10 years of expertise in women's health, Femometer Ring 2.0 detects your body metrics with high accuracy.

Lighter and Thinner

Weighing 3.8-4.5g and measuring only 2.8mm thick, Femometer ring 2.0 is lighter and thinner than common smart rings. You can barely feel it while wearing, ensuring long-term wear without discomfort.

24/7 Wearable

With a strong battery, Femometer Ring 2.0 offers up to 7 days of battery life. Using the included wireless charging case, it can last up to 35 days. Made from waterproof and durable materials, it’s designed for all-day wear in any situation.

Connects You Deeply with Your Natural Cycle

Reproductive health is crucial for a woman’s overall well-being, yet many women have limited understanding of it. Femometer Ring 2.0 offers comprehensive monitoring of ovulation, fertile window, period, and pregnancy, providing valuable insights to help women manage their reproductive health effectively.

  • Trying to conceive
  • Pregnancy
  • Natural family planning
  • Menstrual health

Pinpoints 7-day fertile window

Femometer ring pinpoints your 7-day of peak fertility. Having sex during fertile window increases your chances of conceiving. With a clear prediction of your fertile window, you can make the most of your each cycle.

Confirms ovulation with 99% accuracy

Femometer ring tracks your basal body temperature (BBT) during sleep with 99% accuracy. It calculates your ovulation and provides you with precise fertility insights to help you get pregnant fast and naturally.

Daily conception rate for success

Femometer calculates your daily conception rate. With this fertility guide, you won't miss any chance to conceive, which ensures you a successful start to your motherhood.

Expert TTC courses

Femometer cooperates with fertility doctors and professors to make expert fertility courses. You can learn with Femometer to start your TTC journey with more knowledge and less anxiety.

Leads You to a Healthier Lifestyle

To get a good night's sleep, live with energy, and feel healthier day by day.





Heart Health

Heart Health

Understand Your Sleep Pattern

Sleep disorders can disrupt hormone balance, causing irregular cycles and various chronic health issues. Femometer Smart Ring tracks light sleep, deep sleep, and REM cycles, providing detailed insights into your sleep patterns. Based on the sleep data and guidance, you can develop healthy sleep habits for a good night's sleep.

Get Proper Activity at Daytime

Femometer Health Ring monitors your activity (step count, calorie burning calculator, activity planning) to help you achieve the right amount of exercise every day. With a regular activity, you can have better sleep, a stronger heart, more effective breathing, and a healthier body shape.

"Ever since my second child was born, I've had trouble sleeping. Femometer Ring has been a great help in improving my sleep habits, and now I sleep better at night."


Listen to Your Heart, Live Longer

As our lives pulse onward, our hearts tirelessly pumps nutrient-rich blood throughout your body. Femometer Ring tracks heart rate and HRV in real time, giving detailed insights into your heart health. With constant monitoring, the smart ring highlights any abnormalities, allowing for proactive adjustments to improve health.

Have a Deep Talk with Your Body Using Femometer Ring

Women’s reproductive health

• Boosts fertility to conceive fast
• Easy & natural family planning
• Health monitoring during pregnancy
• Pregnancy tracking
• Menstrual health management

Healthy and balanced life

• Develop a healthy sleep routine
• Exercise correctly every day
• Take care of heart health

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No Subscription Fee

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1-Year Quality Warranty

We offer free replacement of new ring for not man-made quality issues in a year.

30-Day Free Return

Not 100% happy with the product? It's on us. You can return it within 30 days.

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