basal body thermometer

Tracking BBT?
Meet your new bestie!

Identify your unique cycle patterns. Manage your fertility and learn about your body. Choose Vinca if you're
- Trying to conceive
- Tracking to understand your period & cycle
- Monitoring your pregnancy.

What is BBT & Why is it Useful?

Tracking your BBT is important if want to get pregnant naturally. Understanding how BBT changes through your cycle gives you insights into your ovulation and fertile period. BBT rises slightly after ovulation occurs and you're most fertile during the 2 to 3 days before this increase.

BBT pinpoint your most fertile days

What Makes Vinca A Good Basal Body Thermometer?

Works Seamlessly with Femometer's app

Vinca 1.0 pairs easily with the Femometer app via bluetooth. All readings are auto-synced to the APP and displayed with easy-to-read visuals and graphs.

basal body thermometer supported by intelligent APP
taking your BBT with vinca 1.0 basal body thermometer

Accurate and Fast

See the smallest of BBT fluctuations. Vinca 1.0 has an accuracy of ±0.05°C/±0.09°F, so even the most subtle changes in your BBT can be perceived.

Discreet Design

Looks like a lipstick! Vinca 1.0 comes in a choice of 2 stylish colours. Rose gold or purple... choose the one that matches your makeup bag!

vinca 1.0 basal body thermometer has 2 colors to choose from

Using your Vinca 1.0

Turn on your phone's Bluetooth. Remove the cap from your Vinca 1.0 and connect to your Femometer App

put basal body thermometer under your tongue

Place the tip of the thermometer under your tongue. Measure upon waking, before you make any physical movement. Vinca beeps 3 times when the measurement is complete

basal body thermometer shows your BBT curve

Your measurement data is visualized in app as soon as the measurement is complete, helping you to identify the key phases of your cycle and understand your fertility.

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