Who is Ivy Right for?

Ivy 112 is the ultimate kit for testing LH levels in your urine. It is a perfect choice for those who:
- Try to find the perfect time for baby-making sex
- Be aware of your fertile window
- Monitoring your fertility health from home.

Find the Right Time for Sex

According to data, couples who time intercourse properly double their chance of pregnancy. The perfect timing refers to 8-20 hours after the LH peak when the egg will be released (that is called ovulation) and ready for conception. Ivy 112 helps you easily predict the LH surge so you know the right time to be intimate.

Details with Your Needs Considered

• Digital results display
• Full fertile window tracking
• Clinically tested over 99.5% accuracy

360° Femometer App Support

• Notify time to start testing
• Automatically record & store results
• Provide full fertility picture

Understand the Results

Chief Medical Officer

Dr. Jan Rydfors

MD, Stanford University School Of Medicine

Dr. Rydfors received his medical degree and specialization training from the Stanford University School of Medicine. He is currently the Assistant Adjunct Clinical Professor at Stanford University. Dr. Rydfors is the board-certified creator and co-author of the Handbook in Obstetrics, Gynecology, and Infertility, now in its sixth edition and used as a training handbook for obstetricians and gynecologists in the U.S. He is the Chief Medical Advisor for the American Pregnancy Association and the recipient of the Compassionate Doctor and Patient's Choice Award.

How is Ivy Different

Femometer Ivy112

Test Strips

Blood Testing

App Support Tracking
Test at Home
Quick Results
99.5% Accuracy
Digital Reading Display
Discreet Design