Women's Probiotic (30 Capsules)
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Unique Benefits

Effective 60 Billion CFU for Digestive Health

  • Clinically studied to support establishment and maintenance of favorable intestinal flora
  • Naturally sourced digestive enzymes to help break down food and promote bowel movements

Promote Vaginal Health

  • Helps regulate symptoms like vaginal odor, pH balance, itching, and discharge with rich lactobacillus

Good for Immune Function

  • Support immune function by regulating gut microbial communities which impact immune homeostasis

All of the good, None of the bad

  • 100% vegan, gluten-free, dairy-free, soy-free and NON-GMO
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I deal with a lot of stomach upset: difficulty digesting, gas, pains after eating, the lot. I can't eat gluten at all, and certain foods (greasy food, certain cheeses, processed meats, cranberries, eggs, etc) just don't agree with me much at all. I have found two things that help with my digestion and lesson the pains after a meal. The first is drinking a small glass of grape juice after a meal (I know, weird. It has something to do with the acidity in it I guess), the other is taking probiotics daily. I had been depending solely on the grape juice, keeping it in stock and taking small glasses of it when I felt the ugly rumbling in my gut. It was suggested by a friend that I try probiotics, and I now drink a lot less juice. It's made a substantial difference. I highly suggest probiotics to anyone dealing with digestion issues. I do still have digestion issies, it's not a magic cure, but It's tamed it quite a lot. I don't know that probiotics vary much from company to company, but I've been satisfied with Femometer, so I will probably stick with them.
I use it to calm down bloating, and with the addition for vaginal health, Im getting everything I want, at the strength I want, in a tiny pill that I only take once a day. Its very easy to swallow and it doesnt have a strong cramping affect. Its very gentle but definitely effective
I have struggled for years with bacterial vaginosis. I started taking this and after about two weeks of using it I no longer have it and it hasn't come back for three months. I now only take it every other day and it continues to work! Miracle cure!
Life changing product. I struggled trying to get my ph balance in check. Nothing ever worked until I ordered this. I will use it every day the rest of my years. So grateful for this pill.
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