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Femometer uses stories
Femometer users stories

My fertility journey

Rosa Glover(From a Customer to an Employee)

Hi, I'm Rosa, I now work for Femometer, talking to our customers, researching what works and what you'd like us to improve, and helping the team design engaging content inside the app. However, when I first found Femometer, I was already 2 years into my TTC journey. Once I realized that Femometer's technology was changing the way women understood their fertility (and helping them to take control of their TTC journey with data and education) I knew I wanted to be a part of this amazing team!

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user story Nora 1

I knew that tracking my ovulation was important as a TTC woman. I had heard about the Femometer IVY OPK and decided to give it a try. I was also excited to use the Femometer App, which promised to help me track my ovulation and fertility. Using the IVY OPK was very easy. I simply had to pee on a stick and wait for the results. The instructions were clear and easy to follow, and the results were very accurate. The Femometer App was also very helpful. It allowed me to track my ovulation and fertility, and gave me helpful tips on how to maximize my chances of getting pregnant. After a few months of using the IVY OPK and the Femometer App, I was able to pinpoint my most fertile days. This was a huge relief, as I had been struggling to conceive for a while. Knowing when I was ovulating helped me time intercourse and increase my chances of getting pregnant. Finally, after a few more months of using the IVY OPK and the Femometer App, I got the positive result I had been hoping for. I was pregnant! I was overjoyed and grateful for the help that these products provided me. Throughout my pregnancy, I continued to use the Femometer App to monitor my progress and ensure that everything was going smoothly. The app allowed me to track my symptoms, weight gain, and other important details. It also gave me helpful tips and advice on how to stay healthy and prepare for the arrival of my baby. Now, my beautiful baby is 3 month, and I am so grateful for the help that the Femometer IVY OPK and App provided me. These products made it easy for me to track my ovulation and fertility, and helped me conceive my baby. I would highly recommend these products to any woman who is trying to conceive. They are easy to use, accurate, and very effective.

user story Savannah 1
user story Savannah 2

My husband and I have started TTC since we got married 3 years ago. I knew that tracking my ovulation and basal temperature was important, so I decided to use the Vinca BBT thermometer and the IVY OPK from Femometer. I had heard great things about these products, so I decided to give them a try. I started using the Vinca BBT thermometer every morning before getting out of bed. It was easy to use and the readings were very accurate. I was able to track my basal temperature every day and see when I was ovulating. The thermometer even came with a helpful chart that I could use to track my progress. In addition to the BBT thermometer, I also used the IVY OPK from Femometer. This product was also very easy to use. I simply had to pee on a stick and wait for the results. The results were very accurate and helped me determine the best time to try to conceive. After a few months of using these products, I finally got the positive result I was hoping for. I was pregnant! I was so excited and grateful for the help that these products provided me. I continued to use the Vinca BBT thermometer throughout my pregnancy to monitor my basal temperature and ensure that everything was progressing as it should. Now, I have a beautiful one-year-old baby boy and I am so grateful for the help that I received from the Vinca BBT thermometer and the IVY OPK from Femometer. These products made it easy for me to track my ovulation and basal temperature, which helped me get pregnant. I would highly recommend these products to any woman who is trying to conceive. They are easy to use, affordable, and very effective. Thank you, Femometer, for helping me start my family!

user stroy Ashleigh 1

I have been using products from Femometer for about 4 years. I changed from TTT to TTC user and now I am pregnant!! Irregular periods were a big problem for me when I was trying to conceive because I couldn't tell if I had ovulated and had to resort to other tools. Since I started preparing for pregnancy, I have used a combination of LH test strips and BBT curves to judge whether I have ovulated, this helped me to plan when to have sex. I followed the guidelines to measure my BBT at 6 am and LH at 6 pm and entered these into the app. In the beginning, I didn't know very much about BBT, and I was very unfamiliar with how to interpret the BBT curve. The app was a great guide, I was able to learn to interpret the data after reading the guidelines and related articles, and now I feel really confident when it comes to reading my BBT and using it to predict and spot ovulation. I combine the rise of the BBT curve with the results of my LH test to monitor where I am in my fertile window, and to confirm ovulation has taken place. I started to record my physical symptoms and diet 5 months ago as wanted to know more about the changes in my body. By comparing the changes in the BBT curve with the corresponding physical symptoms, I learned that I always felt tired the day before ovulation. I also realized that drinking coffee delayed my ovulation! I would never have known that if I hadn't been tracking like this. Now I have a much better understanding of my body, and a degree of confidence in judging my ovulation and fertile window, even by recognizing physical symptoms. Once I understood how to predict ovulation and confirm that it had happened, I was able to time sex a few days before and immediately after. I really believe that this is how I finally managed to get pregnant!

user story Bree 1

I have been struggling with Polycystic Ovary Syndrome (PCOS) for years. It has been hard to manage my symptoms, especially my irregular periods, which made it difficult to determine when I was ovulating. I tried various methods to track my cycle, but none of them seemed to work until I discovered Femometer's inositol supplements. I had read about the benefits of inositol online and decided to give it a try. After using the inositol supplements for a few weeks, I noticed a significant improvement in my period's regularity. I wasn't experiencing the same intense cramps and bloating as before, and my cycle was becoming more predictable. I continued to use the supplements, and after a few months, my period was finally regular! It was such a relief to know when I was ovulating and be able to plan accordingly. I also downloaded the Femometer App, which helped me track my cycle. And I got pregnant after just a few cycles!! The Combination was sooo amazing. I gave birth to a baby boy this may and I am so grateful to Femometer for providing me with an easy and efficient way to help me get pregnant!! THANK YOU.


Hi everyone, I'm Bethany, proud mom of a sweet little girl about to become a mom again. Thanks to the Femometer smart ring, I am pregnant with my second baby after only four ovulation cycles. Let me share my journey and review of the Femometer Ring 1.0. When I started looking for an ovulation tracker, I compared a variety of options such as the Ava Bracelet and the Mira Ovulation Prediction Kit.What attracted me to the Femometer was its affordable price tag of only $149, especially since new users also get a 15% discount, bringing the price down to $126.65. This makes it stand out from pricey alternatives like the Ava Bracelet ($279) and the Mira Fertility Tracker ($259 plus expensive test strips). But affordability wasn't the only factor. As a busy mom, I needed something that was easy to wear and easy to use, and the Femometer ring fit the bill perfectly. Its non-invasive design means I can track my ovulation without disrupting my daily routine, which is vital when I need to look after my little one. Most importantly, Femometer played a direct role in my second pregnancy. In just two cycles, it was accurate in its ovulation prediction. Knowing exactly when you are ovulating is crucial to planning another child. In addition, the Expert Fertility Guidance and TTC counseling sessions provided invaluable support in making my dream of expanding my family a happy reality. If you're looking for a convenient, efficient, and affordable fertility tracker, I highly recommend the Femometer Ring; it changed my life and I'm so grateful for the role it played in my journey to becoming a mom again.


As a woman trying to conceive my second child, I found that my second pregnancy was much harder than the first. That's why I turned to the femometer, a revolutionary BBT thermometer that connects seamlessly with its app. I was blown away by how quickly and accurately it displayed my temperature as soon as the thermometer beeped. With the femometer, I was able to fully maximize my BBT tracking. And because I knew that taking my temperature as soon as I woke up and before I moved around was crucial for accuracy, I made it a daily habit to keep the femometer within arm's reach. Thanks to the femometer, I was finally able to track my ovulation accurately and confidently. I'm hopeful that I will conceive again soon, knowing that the femometer BBT thermometer gives me the best chance of success. If you're trying to conceive, I highly recommend giving the femometer a try!


I started to plan my pregnancy two years ago and I always believed that anybody who wants to conceive would be pregnant within only a few months after trying if not at the first attempt itself!! I was also advised that I need to try to conceive for at least 1 year before seeing a specialist. After several months of trying to conceive I was disappointed to see negative pregnancy tests month after month. Nonetheless my partner and I did not lose hope, until we found an article that said that pregnancy is all about timing where you need to know exactly when you are going to ovulate.. we therefore decided to chart my body temperature and when searching online for a digital thermometer I came across a video of the Femometer Vinca Basal Body Thermometer which immediately struck me as a very convenient method to chart my temperature.I was also very pleased with the price as the device was affordable.I started to chart my temperature immediately when I received the device and was very surprised with the articles and the tips provided on the app. They were indeed very encouraging and helped me understand my cycle.The app displays the temperature graph in such a convenient and easy way that I was exited to see how my graph will change each morning. After 2 or 3 months the app gathered enough data to confirm my cycle length and hence could accurately predict my ovulation date.I also immediately knew when I was not pregnant and when my menses were about to start from the temperature drop in my graph. This considerably reduced my disappointment as I knew beforehand that I was not pregnant.I am glad that I became pregnant only after 6 months of using the Femometer.I am now 7 months pregnant and i am feeling very happy about it although the fatigue and vomit associated become sometimes a challenge. My Tips when trying to conceive are as follows: 1. Know your cycle through charting e.g using Femometer 2. Stay in a relaxed and happy environment 3. See a specialist for a health checkup before you try to conceive especially for infection issues 4. Avoid risky rigorous activities when TTC 5. Always believe in yourself and in God that everything will be okRecommendation: It would be great if the app can provide week to week tips during pregnancy. Thank You.

Lauren Ranck

I've used Femometer with two pregnancies and it was like a personal assistant for all my fertility needs. It even helped accurately predicted my 2nd child's due date better than my OB! I've used the Femometer BBT thermometer, ovulation kits and the Bluetooth scale. I look forward to adding the Ring in the near future to make tracking easier for Natural Family Planning (NFP). Thank you, Femometer, for making NFP so accessible and a healthier, smarter and more natural approach to birth planning.


Hi I’m Anna and I’m 36. Myself and my partner decided we were ready to start a family in May 2022 and I became pregnant in July. For a couple of months I felt unbelievably happy until the day after I returned from a family holiday when I became sick and faint with severe pains in my abdomen. Convinced it was just food poisoning we rang 111 and ended up in A&E where I found out I was having an ectopic pregnant which required surgery to remove one of my tubes. After months of hospital tests for an underlying condition (and a bit of a mental breakdown) I was told I could start trying again. I thought I was pregnant this month after not getting my period. I was also having what I thought was implantation pains but my period just arrived 2 weeks late instead. I was encouraged by a friend to try ovulation strips which also led to me buying a Femometer and downloading the app. I’m currently in my fertile stage and 2 days from ovulation. It’s nice not having to guess when I’m ovulating. Good luck everyone and keep safe in this scary time.

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