Vitamins & Supplements

Our Standards

We made each bottle of supplements with quality ingredients and the highest manufacturing standards in the US.

All for Good. None for Bad.


Selecting Premium Raw Materials

The fruits, vegetables, nuts, and meats selected are sourced from premium farms in the United States, South America, Southeast Asia and the European Union.


Organic Capsules Shells

Our capsule shells are non-toxic and non-GMO. They are also free from wheat, fish, preservatives, sugar, dairy, gluten and soy.


Producing Minimum Waste

For a better future and a sustainable life, we are striving to produce the least amount of waste and pollution in every process of our production. Conserving energy and leaving the smallest carbon footprint on our Mother Earth.

Trusted Manufacturing

  • Made in the USA

    All products are produced in our US factories, located in Clearwater, FL and Hunter, NY.

  • ISO compliant

    Our factories adhere to the ISO standards for quality, health and safety standards.

  • FDA Registered Facility

    We meet or exceed the FDA’s standards for effective and safe use

  • NSF International Certification

    GMP NSF Certified (NSF/ANSI 455-2, 173), which verifies the purity, accuracy and safety of the supplements manufactured.

Aseptic Process and Packaging

Our facility uses a sterile packaging process where all supplements are sterilized separately from the packaging and placed in containers in a sterile environment.

Responsible Production and Working Conditions

We always put the life and health of our employees first during production, and provide a safe and comfortable working environment for them.

Quality Control

To ensure that every bottle of our supplements maintains our excellent standards, our plant's quality control department is committed to overseeing comprehensive manufacturing compliance that not only meets standards, but exceeds and surpasses regulatory requirements.

Third-Party Tested

We cooperate with the world’s famous testing organizations for GMP, gluten free, identity, potency,microbials, heavy metals and other allergen testing services available.

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