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Femometer Smart Ring 1.0, Size 6


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Unique Benefits

Meet the world’s first smart ring made for women’s fertility and sleep tracking. It helps to increase your chances of natural conception with daily accurate fertility insights and expert TTC guidance.

  • Easy BBT Tracking. Monitor your temperature in real time while you sleep.
  • Accurate Ovulation Prediction. See your fertile window, daily conception rate, and fertility guidance.
  • Cycle Management. Period insights, menstrual symptom forecast, guidance for PMS relief.
  • Sleep Tracking. See exp...

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Start Your Fertility Journey With Femometer Ring

a woman wearing a Femometer ring in her hand to track her fertility

Your Simple Solution for Fertility and Sleep Management

• Real-time basal temperature (BBT) tracking
• Accurate prediction of ovulation and fertile days
• Professional fertility (TTC) guidance
• Real-time sleep tracking
• Expert analysis and guidance for a better sleep


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Your Professional Conception Companion

cartoon of ovulation

Ovulation Prediction

Accurate ovulation predictions with real-time data help you identify your most fertile days and increasing your chances.

cartoon of a cute pregnant woman

Conception Guidance

Personalized advice and notifications timed perfectly to support your fertility journey and help you get pregnant fast.

cartoon of a embryo

Early Pregnancy Monitor

Continue using Femometer APP after getting pregnant to be informed about the stages and changes of your pregnancy.

Easy Tracking Without Mess and Fuss

Unlike traditional fertility trackers that require you to wake up early or pee on a stick every morning, Femometer ring makes ovulation tracking easier than ever. Simply wear the ring while you sleep, and in the next morning, you’ll see your real-time temperature data and ovulation predictions.

Ovulation Predictions with 99% Accuracy

Your basal body temperature (BBT) is the temperature when you're fully at rest. Testing BBT at sleep ensures a more accurate result, which improves the accuracy of ovulation prediction, providing you with precise fertility insights and improving your chances of conception.


“Femometer Ring has been a nice choice for my family planning journey. Tracking my BBT now becomes much easier than ever. The app offers clear insights into my ovulation trends and provides helpful guidance for TTC. It's helping me understand my body better and gain better control of my fertility. Highly recommended for anyone who needs a family planning!”

Clear Fertile Window Display

Easily identify your most fertile days with Femometer App. Healthy sperms can stay alive in a woman's body for 3-5 days. Timing is crucial; having sex before and during ovulation increases your chances of conceiving by 150%. With a clear prediction of your fertile window, you can make the most of each cycle.

Daily Insights for Conception Success

Navigate your fertility journey effortlessly with the Femometer. Discover your conception rate and receive tailored tips each day to optimize your chances. This fertility map ensures you never miss a fertile window. The more data you input, especially BBT info, the more accurate the predictions become.

Harmony with Your Cycle

cartoon picture of a woman and a period sign

Period Insights

Anticipate your period with ease and precision with reliable cycle analysis and prediction. Effortlessly plan and prepare for your period.

Cartoon picture of a woman holding a magnifying glass trying to look further of her menstrual cycle symptoms

Menstrual Symptoms Forecast

Stay one step ahead of your body's signals. Forecast menstrual symptoms to empower yourself to manage them proactively, ensuring a smoother and more comfortable cycle.

Cartoon picture of a woman holding her self for more self-connection

Connect with Yourself More

Foster a deeper connection with your body and emotions. Embrace self-awareness, balance, and harmony as you sync effortlessly with your natural rhythm.

femometer ring boxed in a gitable box

Your Natural Family Planning Starts Here

Uniquely Designed for Easy & Accurate Fertility Tracking

• Wearable fertility tracker on your finger
• Predict daily conception rate
• Clear reports of ovulation & fertility insights
• Learn from experts to get daily TTC guidance
• Fertility community for Knowledge Sharing


Improved Sleep, Increased Fertility

• Deep and light sleep tracking
• Daily sleep quality score
• Real-time sleep data
• Precise sleep patterns with cycle changes
• Expert guidance for a better sleep

Sleep Tracking Based on Natural Cycles


How Sleep Influences Your Cycle?

Poor sleep can disrupt hormones, causing irregular cycles and affecting fertility and overall health. Quality sleep is crucial for balanced cycles and overall well-being. Sleep problems can lead to various female health issues, including infertility, irregular cycles, mood changes, increased stress, reduced immunity, and more.

Sleep Better With Femometer Ring

Femometer ring collects and analyzes your unique sleep data (awake, deep sleep, light sleep) to understand your sleep patterns through each cycle phase. You can see how you sleep overnight in real time and get expert guidance to improve your sleep quality effectively.


Why Buy From

6 Months of APP Prime

Buy on to get 6 months free Prime for special analytics, fertility classes, and more!

1-Year Quality Warranty

We offer free replacement of new ring for not man-made quality issues in a year.

30-Day Free Return

Not 100% happy with the product? It's on us. You can return it within 30 days.

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