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A basal thermometer intelligently helps you to get pregnant faster, avoid pregnancy naturally and understand your monthly cycle better.

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For Every Woman

Whether you're getting ready to start a family, timing your cycle to avoid pregnancy, tracking  pregnancy status or monitoring the period.

Get Pregnant  

Avoid Pregnancy

Track Pregnancy Status

Monitor the Period

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Tells You About Your Body

The science behind Femometer is that two or three days after you ovulate, hormonal changes cause a rise of 0.4 to 1.0 degree in your BBT. Charting these signs helps you to learn more about your hormone level and fertility status. 


Basal Body Temperature

Basal Body Temperature, also known as waking body temperature, is the oral temperature when you wake up in the morning.

Cervical Fluid

The fluid produced by your cervix. It changes throughout your menstrual cycle.


The first day of your cycle. This tells you when you have started a new period.


Femometer App

Based on Fertility Awareness Method, Femometer helps women to get pregnant faster, avoid pregnancy naturally, understand their cycles and monitor the health. 


Customer Review


Imogen McKee

The convenience of the Bluetooth connection and automatic sync is just ingenious. I highly recommend the Femometer to any woman wishing to connect with her body in a natural way to track her cycle.  

Ashley Elizabeth

The best thing about Femometer is that it makes getting into the charting habit so much easier because it completely eliminates a step. Just wake up, stick it in your mouth, wait for the beep, and done. Easy.

Aurora Lynne Cook

Femometer could be my most intimate friend, reminds me of important days like period day and ovulating day.

Bian Yue

I will not be reverting back to any other hormone contraceptive in the near future. I have used Apps previously. However the App combined with the Femometer is the next level.


Smart Fertility Tracker

Only $99 (Limited Time Offer -- Now Only $49!)