Femometer Ring 2.0

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A smart ring that really understands women’s health, enhancing fertility, sleep, activity, and heart health to improve women’s overall wellness for a healthier, longer life.

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A 360° Look into Women's Body Health

Women's bodies have their unique rhythms and tend to be more responsive to environmental changes than men. This is why you need a specialized women’s smart ring.

Femometer Smart Ring 2.0 focuses on women's health by monitoring vital body metrics closely related to women's health, including menstrual cycle, fertility, pregnancy, sleep, heart health, and activity, which enables women to proactively manage their health with precision and confidence.

Built to Be Accurate

With multiple sensors inside and optimized algorithms based on 10 years of women's health tracking, Femometer Smart Ring detects your body metrics with high accuracy, including heart rate (HR), heart rate variability (HRV), basal body temperature (BBT), and body movement.


basal body temperature (BBT)


heart rate (HR)


heart rate variability (HRV)

Designed for Easy Wear

Femometer Smart Ring 2.0 is thinner and lighter than its predecessor, making it more comfortable for 24/7 wear. Built for high durability, this smart ring is waterproof and has up to 7-day battery life, ensuring a long-lasting use in any situation.

Caring for You at Every Stage of Womanhood

Healthy life

Connects how you feel to what's actually going on in your body, guiding you towards a more healthy and self-assured life.

Trying to conceive

Provides accurate tracking of ovulation and fertile window to maximize your chances of getting pregnant each cycle.


Provides meticulous care throughout your pregnancy journey by tracking pregnancy and your body health to achieve a healthy and successful pregnancy.


Tracks vital body data to facilitate faster postpartum recovery. Femometer ring tracks ovulation and calculates your daily conception rate, simplifying family planning in a natural and effective way.

Leads You to a Healthier Life

Having a good sleep
Getting right daily activity
Taking control of natural cycle
Listening to your heart


Experience A Whole Fertility Journey with Femometer Ring

Trying for a baby? You may find your fertility journey full of uncertainties and challenges. Don’t worry! Femometer ring helps you navigate this important life stage with ease and success.

A Faster Way to Conceive Naturally

• Pinpoints fertile window
• Monitors BBT in real time
• Confirms ovulation with 99% accuracy
• Expert TTC guidance

Take Care of Mom & Baby during Pregnancy

• Pregnancy tracking
• Fetal development tracking
• Constant body health monitoring
• Multiple pregnancy tools

Easy & Safe Family Planning After Childbirth

• Accurate ovulation calendar: Timing for sex
• Sex & birth control recording
• Safe and natural
• No hormone control and side effect

A Deep Connection with Your Natural Cycle

Period Insights

Anticipate your period with ease and precision with reliable cycle analysis and prediction. Effortlessly plan and prepare for your period.

Menstrual Symptoms Forecast

Stay one step ahead of your body's signals. Forecast menstrual symptoms to empower yourself to manage them proactively, ensuring a smoother and more comfortable cycle.

Connect with Yourself More

Foster a deeper connection with your body and emotions. Embrace self-awareness, balance, and harmony as you sync effortlessly with your natural rhythm.


Track to Improve

Femometer Women’s Ring not only provides detailed insights into your sleep, but also helps improve sleep quality, helping you develop healthy sleep habits to achieve a better sleep and improve overall health.


Increased Sleep Awareness

Nap Tracking

The optimal nap duration is 30 minutes. Femometer Smart Ring tracks your naps to ensure you have the proper nap time each day.

Sleep Phases Monitoring

Tracks your important sleep phases, including light sleep, deep sleep, and rapid eye movement (REM).

Body Data Tracking

Monitors key body metrics (heart rate, respiratory rate, HRV, and BBT) to help you learn about how your body feels while you sleep.

Optimized Sleep Routines

Improve your sleep habits with the schedule provided by Femometer, or customize your own routine. Then, follow the guide to develop good sleep habits. As your sleep patterns become more regular, you'll notice significant progress in sleep and overall health. Meanwhile, you'll feel more energetic and focused during the daytime.


Get Proper Activity to Be Healthier

Femometer Women’s Ring monitors your activity to help you achieve the right amount of exercise every day. With a regular activity, you can have better sleep, a stronger heart, more effective breathing, and a healthier body shape.

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