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Femometer Smart Ring 2.0 Pre-Sale is on: Revolutionizing Health Tracking

By Femometer | Tuesday, June 25, 2024

In an era of advanced wearable technology, has reached a mature stage, people have stepped into the era of technology and health, and most of the new features added to daily wearable products will also be related to technology. Devices like smart glasses, watches, and smart ring show the trend of wearable technology is to become smaller, and from focusing on the product functionality only to taking into account the product aesthetics.

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Femometer, as a brand that provides women with comprehensive health data such as ovulation prediction, menstrual cycle tracking, and changes in pregnancy, empowering women with valuable health insights to pay attention to their health, has continued to innovate and has helped 90% of users to solve the problem of pregnancy preparation by successfully developing a generation of smart rings. After successfully developing the first generation of smart ring to help 90% of users solve the problems encountered in pregnancy preparation, Femometer has made the upgrade of the ring, and the second generation of smart rings has entered the pre-sale stage and is expected to be officially launched in October!

Major Features: Differences between Smart Ring1.0 and 2.0

Femometer follows the user-friendly principle, all the upgrading solutions are based on the user's feedback on the first generation of finger rings, through the analysis of the market and the population there, the final realization of the 2.0 of finger ring full-featured upgrades, specifically:

  1. The temperature sensors of the second generation finger ring are increased to 3, which are set at one point in the finger abdomen and one point on each side of the left and right fingers, which can measure the finger temperature more accurately and are not affected by the ambient temperature;

  2. In line with market trends and for women to have a comprehensive understanding of the impact of daily activities on ovulation and menstrual health, the second generation of the ring provides comprehensive data tracking and analysis of body temperature, heart rate, heart rate activity, sleep, stress, and more.

Femometer Smart Ring 2.0 doubles as a sleep ring—simply slide it onto your finger!

  1. All data is synchronized with the Femometer App, which shows the results of each physical indicator and provides customized health analyses. You can also discuss health topics with other users through the community module in the App;

  2. The outer surface of the second-generation ring is made of cut-resistant ceramic material, which solves the problem of color loss that may occur with paint material, and the upgraded ring can always maintain the initial color.

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  1. The inner ring surface in contact with the phone is anodized with regenerated aluminum, which increases comfort and also largely avoids the problem of skin allergy;

  2. The finger ring 2.0 adopts an IP68 dustproof and waterproof design, which has been tested and can be safely used for 1 hour in 1-meter water depth.

  3. Compared with the 10-day life of the first-generation ring, now the ring will have a shorter life of about 7 days because of the increased tracking dimension. To solve this problem, the smart ring 2.0 will be accompanied by a wireless charging box, which can realize a long life of 30 days when used in conjunction with the ring.

  4. The 2.0 canceled the charging seat setup and changed to a wireless charging box, like your AirPods, you can carry it with you to achieve anytime, anywhere charging, and has the role of storage, which greatly reduces the accidental situation of forgetting to bring the ring, the ring is lost, and so on.

Pre-Sale Details

For Femometer Smart Ring 2.0 pre-sale details, please click https://www.femometer.com/Femometer-smart-ring-gen-2-for-ovulation-period-sleep-health-tracking

According to the statistical data demonstrated by Oliverwyman, women's health monitoring is the future market development direction of smart rings.

Female Market Represents the Future Trend

1. Stronger awareness of health management

Compared with men, women are more concerned about their health and have a stronger need for a healthy life. Meanwhile, due to physiological differences, women need to spend more time and energy on menstruation, childbirth, and contraception. Therefore, their demand for convenient, efficient, and professional health monitoring equipment is also stronger.

2. More active participation in health management

Female healthcare consumers have a huge voice in healthcare. Women account for up to 80% of healthcare purchases and decisions. Women are 76% more likely than men to have visited a doctor in the past year. Women even write three-quarters of all prescriptions.

Female healthcare consumers are more actively involved in all things healthcare than men, which could mean they have a deeper understanding of the details of the healthcare system...

3. More willing to explore and learn about their health and healthcare issues

Women are more willing than men to learn about health-related issues and stay interested in them. Women invest more energy in family life and therefore pay more attention to a healthy lifestyle and their family's health indicators.

4. Wish to manage their health in a simple and convenient way

Modern women need to take care of their family and work at the same time, and their time is relatively tight, so they need more efficient and convenient health management tools. According to relevant data, 25% of adult women use wearable monitoring devices to monitor their health indicators daily, higher than 18% of men. It can be seen that women have a higher demand for convenient and efficient health monitoring products.


Femometer insists on providing women with the most accurate health data tracking, the most timely health advice, and using the latest technology to help women focus on their health.