Using scientifically researched data for the betterment of women's health, worldwide.
Our Mission
We believe that when a woman is optimally supported along her individual health journey, we unlock greater potential and advancement for the world at large.
Our Vision
To be the global leader of digital healthcare for women
Develop high-quality hardware and software products
Build a global understanding of women's health using big data
Provide proactive, personalized, preventative digital healthcare services to all stages of womanhood
Putting science and data to work for the betterment of women’s health, worldwide.
Hi, I’m Adam, the founder of Femometer and more importantly, a father and husband. Before entering fatherhood, my wife and I—like many wishing couples—painfully struggled to expand our family. As a longing father, it was difficult to face repeated miscarriages, but as a caring husband, even more heartbreaking to witness my wife endure our losses, both mentally and physically.
After each devastating loss I thought to myself, there has to be a way to help support women like my wife in their fertility journey and also prevent the kind of pain we experienced. I founded Femometer to do just that, as well as be an invaluable tool for family planning and pregnancy monitoring.
We’ve since leveraged our expertise in science & data to offer premium, highly considered vitamins & supplements, not just for longing mothers, but for all women. We dually celebrate and understand the invaluable contribution that you bring to this world. We exist to support the health journey that is uniquely yours.
Thank you for trusting in our company to support your nutritional needs.
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