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Hi, I’m Adam, the founder of Femometer and more importantly, a father and husband. Before entering fatherhood, my wife and I—like many hopeful couples—painfully struggled to start a family. As a longing father, it was difficult to face repeated miscarriages, but as a caring husband, even more heartbreaking to witness my wife endure our losses, both mentally and physically.

After each devastating loss, I thought to myself, there has to be a way to help support women on their fertility journey and try to prevent the kind of pain we experienced. So I founded Femometer to build an invaluable tool to help couples understand their fertility, take control of their conception journey, and monitor their pregnancy.

We’ve since leveraged our expertise in science & data to offer premium, highly considered vitamins & supplements, not just for mothers-to-be, but for all women. We were created to support the health journey that is uniquely yours.
Thank you for trusting in our company to support your fertility health and nutritional needs.


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Giving you the data and insights you need to feel in control of your health and wellbeing.

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Helping women understand their fertility and unique cycle patterns, using science and big data.

Our fertility devices accurately measure vital indicators, such as BBT and hormones, and sync seamlessly with our digital health app to interpret your unique cycle. Understanding your fertility enables you to manage your conception journey with confidence.

Physical and Mental Health

We've created vitamins and supplements designed specifically to support women's physical and mental health. The highest quality ingredients to boost immune system function, promote healthy skin & hair, gut health and relieve menopause symptoms. Helping women to stay healthy and well at all ages.

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Femometer in the Future

Provide proactive, personalized, preventative healthcare products and digital services to all stages of womanhood

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