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Signs Of High Fertility In A Woman

By Femometer | Thursday, April 11, 2024

Fertility rates can be measured as the time taken to achieve pregnancy expressed as monthly fecundity rates (MFRs), that is, the probability of achieving pregnancy within one menstrual cycle. Knowing how fertile they are is the first step in trying to conceive. Fertility is particularly linked to women’s health, including the health of a woman's eggs and uterus. Diverse ovulation test strips are available to help you test your ovulation cycle, and fertility can also be indicated by several signs in your body.

signs of high fertility in a woman

Signs of High Fertility In A Women

1. Regular menstrual cycles

A regular menstrual cycle reflects women’s reproductive health, which means Your uterus and ovaries are functioning normally each month according to the four phases of menstruation, and also ensures that the estrogen production in your body fluctuates normally. If you have a regular menstrual cycle, you can also predict the day of ovulation each month more accurately than anyone else, and then decide when to conceive, so fertility is also greatly improved.

regular menstrual cycle

2. Number of antral follicles

Antral follicles are also called resting follicles, referring to the small follicles about 2-9 millimeters in diameter. Their number also reflects a woman's ovarian reserve, her expected response to ovulation-stimulating drugs, and her chances of a successful pregnancy with in vitro fertilization. Each antral follicle contains an immature egg that has the potential to mature and ovulate in the future. As a woman ages, she will have fewer antral follicles and fewer pre-sinus follicles. The greater the number of active sinus follicles on the ovaries, the greater the ovarian reserve function.

3. Cervical mucus

Cleveland Clinic published an article saying that hormone changes cause your cervical mucus to change in texture, volume, and color throughout your menstrual cycle, so cervical mucus changes before and during ovulation, it can be used to identify when you’re most fertile.

4. Higher basal body temperature:

Basal body temperature will rise slightly on the day of ovulation or the day after. The high temperature lasts for about 11 days. You can predict your period of high fertility by monitoring your BBT. By continuing to monitor your BBT using the Femometer smart ring, the Femometer App will graph your temperature over a period of several months, if you have a higher bbt than normal, that means you may have “super” fertility.

Ways of Ovulation Tracking

BBT tracking

Continuous BBT tracking gives you enough information to reliably predict ovulation over the next few months in the same way as you monitor the start date of your period. This method can be quite tricky to use due to the very small differences in body temperature. For optimal accuracy, it is important to take your temperature at the same time every day, preferably immediately after waking up, before doing anything else.

Menstrual cycle tracking

Like keeping a calendar of when you last had your period, more often than not with a cell phone or a dedicated period tracking app, keeping track of your menstrual cycle can be crucial for women to more accurately predict the day of ovulation and even the exact time of ovulation. Combined with BBT monitoring, women can now know their ovulation cycle very accurately, which can be used as a basis for pregnancy planning or contraception.


A woman's fertility is affected by her health, the quality of her husband's sperm, her daily habits, and heredity, so fertility varies from person to person. The important thing is to keep your body healthy, make sure your menstrual cycle is regular, know how to understand your health through products that track your cycle and basal body temperature such as smart rings, and then take care of yourself based on the data. Women's health is something that Femometer is always concerned about, so if you have any questions about women's health, please feel free to contact us.

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