Why Vinca?

  • "Precision & Efficiency Matter."

    Complete your measurement in as little as 30 seconds once Vinca gets familiar with you. The 1/100th degree precision ensures your bbt is always accurate.

  • "Silence is Golden!"

    Vinca beeps to let you know she's ready to measure, or she just finished a measurement. Adjust the volume anytime in app in case you're worried about waking up the Sleeping Beauty...

  • "Subtle & Sweet"

    Vinca's lipstick-like shape makes sure no one is easy to find out about your little secret of tracking ovulation unless you want them to.

  • "Dive deep into your fertility symptoms."

    Together with the app, it tells more than just a result but also an unique "story" behind.

Work hand in hand with the Femometer App

Create a daily log of your cycle.
Receive personalized insights & tips.
Compare previous cycles.
Share data with health professionals easily.

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How to use Vinca

  • Download our app, uncap the Femometer Vinca and pair via bluetooth. No need to pair again next time.

  • Put the metal tip of the Vinca under your tongue, keep your mouth closed and try not to move the thermometer around. When you hear three beeps, you've successfully measured your BBT. Now repeat this every morning - before you get out of bed and after at least 6~8 hours sleep.

  • The Femometer app learns from every piece of data you input and calculates your conception rate for each day. The app then provides personlized insights so you can prepare for your fertile window.

Download the Femometer app

Measure, track & learn everything about your cycle. Understand (and love) your fertility.

Product specs

  • Measurements & Dimensions

    Product Name: Femometer Vinca
    Model: FM-101-BT
    Size: 108.7mm*22.2mm*16.2mm
    Weight: 17g(without Battery)
    Transmission distance: Up to 16 feet
    Measurement: 89.6℉ - 107.6℉
    Accuracy: +-0.09℉(95℉ - 100.4℉)
    Battery: CR1632
    Receiver: Apple Devices: iphone 5 or above with version at lease IOS 8.0; Android devices: 4.3 or above and supports Bluetooth 4.0/4.1

  • Materials & Certification

    Femometer is made by imported ABS material, Seiko Hall IC, 24-digit high accuracy data collection chip, low-energy Bluetooth chip as well as other finest materials, along with the finest craftsmanship, to help deliver the best quality a thermometer can be.

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  • Warranty

    This product is warranted from manufacturing defects for one year from the date of retail purchase. It does not cover damages or wear resulting from accident, misuse, abuse, commercial use or unauthorized adjustment and repair of the product. Please direct all returns to the place of the original purchase and retain your original receipt, as you may be asked to provide a copy as the proof of the purchase. Please contact for further information.