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Take control of your unique cycle with Femometer, the smartest period pregnancy and fertility tracker.

Informative course content
Get access to professional and continuously updated courses
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FaceJoy is a personalized beautification face exercise app designed to give you a perfect visage by offering specially tailored face yoga courses.

AI based customized exercise plans tailored to your facial condition and goals.
Unlimited access to all features and contents, including all workouts and analysis.
Access to various activities held from time to time with rich cash rewards.
Regular updates on workouts to provide rich and effective courses.

Intermittent Fasting

Fasting is a powerful weight-loss tool. Lose weight, improve your health and simplify your lifestyle.

Visualize your fasting process
Reveal the patterns of your fasting process and body performance.
Professional content on fasting and nutrition, learn to choose the right foods.