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Does Ovulation Cause Cramps?

By Femometer | Thursday, April 18, 2024

Ovulation cramps are a type of ovulation pain, generally referred to as pelvic pain that occurs when a woman experiences ovulation each month and are often generalized as menstrual cramps. Ovulation cramps may be clustered on one or both sides of the abdomen, and severe cramping that causes pain is generally considered normal, suggesting that menstrual cramps do not only occur during the period but also around the day of ovulation when pain is caused by ovulation. It indicates that dysmenorrhea occurs not only during menstruation but also around the time of ovulation when pain is caused by ovulation.

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According to Cleveland Clinic, about 40% of women and people AFAB who ovulate during their reproductive years are affected by Mittelschmerz.

What Causes Ovulation Cramps?

Currently, there are no accurate reports on the exact cause of pelvic pain at the time of ovulation, but swelling on the surface of the ovary before the egg is expelled, or if the egg is expelled from a mature follicle, may result in pain on both sides of the abdomen where the ovaries are located.

Not all women experience ovulation cramps and for those who do, the level of pain varies from person to person - if it's a mild stabbing pain, it's usually considered normal - if you experience intense pain around the time of ovulation, seek medical help.

How to Relieve Ovulation Cramps?

Most women who experience cramping do not need to be treated. Some women also experience a small amount of bleeding or spotting during ovulation, which may cause discomfort. However, the pain and discomfort usually go away within 1-2 days. You can take over-the-counter medications such as nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (ibuprofen or naproxen) or acetaminophen to relieve pain.

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Warm compresses or baths : A heating pad or warm bath can also relieve pelvic pain.

Physical Pelvic Exercise : Proper pelvic floor training can keep your muscles energized and improve your tolerance to pain, and pelvic floor health can likewise go a long way towards improving fertility.

Professional Doctor's Guidance: We recommend that you seek doctor’s help if your have badly pain when ovulation, or take some contraceptive pill under the guidance of the doctor to stop ovulation appropriately if you are not in the preparatory stage of pregnancy.

Tracking your Menstrual Cycle: Use the device to record and track your menstrual cycle, Femometer ovulation tracker will accurately inform you of the date of ovulation, if you have a history of ovulation pain, you can refer to the predicted cycle to get ready in advance and make sure that you are resting.


Ovulation cramps are usually mild and go away quickly. However, sensing mild ovulation pain can let those who are trying to conceive know that the time may be right. If the cramping or pain is intense and interferes with your daily activities, it's best to discuss your symptoms with your healthcare provider Of course, women who are aware of their body's cyclical changes can help to better keep a handle on their health.

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