IVY112 Digital Ovulation Test Kit
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Unique Benefits

Finding the right time for sex is the key to getting pregnant. IVY kit (includes 15 test strips) displays clear and accurate ovulation test results to help you have a clear view of fertility days and have more opportunities to conceive.

  • Over 99.5% accurate at detecting the LH surge.
  • Enhance healthy cycles and natural fertility
  • Connected to smart femometer app.
  • At-home testing, private and convenient
  • Individual packaging test strips, compact and hygienic.
  • Includes 1re-usable digital fertility tracker, 15LH test sticks, 1urine cup, 1battery
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Hormones Measured
When should I take an ovulation test?
How long after a positive ovulation test are you fertile?
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Can I use the Ivy112 if my cycles are irregular?