Vegan Collagen (60 Gummies)
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Unique Benefits

For Ridiant Skin, Stronger Hair & Nails

  • Visibly plumps, moisturizes, and tightens the skin
  • Promotes hair growth; Reduces dandruff; Prevents hair loss
  • Strengthens brittle fingernails; Supports dry and flaky nails

Whole-body Wellness

  • Supports your body's natural collagen production
  • Promotes detoxification & immune function

Delicious Heart-shaped Gummy

  • Natural orange flavor gummy in cute heart shape

All of the good, None of the bad

  • Free of: Soy, gluten, egg. Formulated without GMO, animal ingredients, fillers and artificial colors
  • Each bottle is manufactured in a GMP compliant facility
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I usually drink the powdered collagen but I am so tired of the flavor of unflavored (which is pretty gross!). These gummies make getting my daily collagen a lot easier. They taste great and I feel like I'm enjoying a candy instead of choking down a drink.
I am trying this Collagen for almost a month now and want to say I really like it. It's good that they are gummy so you don't need to ingest one more pill a day, which led me to stop taking some supplements before. I like the orange flavor it has, so good. I also love the fact that it is Vegan.
I replaced my previous collagen gummies with these and my skin continued showing positive benefits from taking collagen, so I'll consider these a likely working source of it.
Is for my hair and nails. Hopefully it will work.
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